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Andrea graduated from the University of Alberta and has been practicing physiotherapy since 2013. She has spent her entire career in private practise working with a diverse population. She founded Able Body Physiotherapy in 2020.


Her goal is an active, hands-on treatment approach that empowers clients to take control of their rehabilitation and recovery. She aims to minimize or eliminate the use of passive modalities in her treatment plans, in order to focus her efforts on manual therapy techniques (mobilisations, manipulations, soft tissue release), dry needling, education, taping, and an individualized exercise plan to promote optimal recovery. In an ever evolving field, she strives to keep up to date with most recent research and skills by completing ongoing course work.

Additional Certifications and Advanced Skills:

  • Authorized to use Needles in Practise (Biomedical Dry Needling)

  • Authorized to Perform Spinal Manipulation

  • Authorized to order Diagnostic Imaging

  • National Orthopedic Division Level 3 Upper, Level 2 Lower

  • Mulligan Concept Upper and Lower Quadrant

Andrea Allison

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